Tango is now accessible, understandable and affordable for everyone...

Would you like to participate in LIVE BROADCAST Tango courses with your favorite Maestros?
And you can even ask the Instructors questions during the course using LIVE CHAT.
If you miss a Live Stream course, don't worry, we'll RECORD it for you, so you can watch it any time.


TANGOLIVE.TV offers you the opportunity to work with the world's best and most recognized instructors. You can watch the course videos whenever you want, wherever you want! All you need is an internet connection.

There are more than 400 lessons on the platform now and we offer access to new live broadcast lessons every month with live chat.

With TangoLive TV you can learn Tango in different languages:

- English - Spanish - French - Italian - German - Russian - Turkish - Polish - Greek -
and more…

Our courses are available for each level:

- beginners - intermediate - advanced - professional

You can learn different styles:

- Social Tango - Tango Salon - Milonguero - ShowTango - Tango Nuevo

There are lessons on any subject:

- Tango - Milonga - Vals - musicality - technique - combinations 

We are here for you with the highest quality and the best price.

To join us you have several choices 

- one Live Course
- one Recorded Course
- one Month Unlimited Membership (You can attend all live and registered courses)
- three Months Unlimited Membership (You can attend all live and registered courses)
- one Year Unlimited Membership (You can attend all live and registered courses)

TangoLive.Tv offers you everything you need to know about Tango to become a beautiful dancer who will glide aesthetically, technically, beautifully and smartly on the dance floor ...

* Each class is approx. 20 minutes
* When you purchase a course, you can watch it again and again any time.
* Monthly members have access to everything with no limitations...


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